Taxes are one of the ways the Government takes in money to pay for everything it does; both good and bad. One way to limit the scope of the government is to limit the ability of it to collect money. The Libertarian Party is invested in finding ways to cut the taxes of every American and offset the balance sheet by applying the constitutional limits on the Federal Government, which would reduce the size and harm the government can do. It has been shown time and time again that the worst possible group of people to handle any issue are politicians.

Taxation is theft plain and simple.

The government claims that it owns your property and that it will then grant you something to live on. Let us walk through the thought process.

  1. You enter into a voluntary agreement with someone who is willing to employ you.
  2. You trade your physical labor, the creativity of your mind, and or both in many cases for an hourly wage or salary.
  3. When you receive your paycheck the government has already claimed your property before you have received your pay. The deductions are right there on the check.
  4. That begs this question, "If 100% of your earnings are taken that means you are a slave. What if 24% of your earnings are taken, what does that mean?"
  5. What if you peacefully refuse to have the government take your earnings? What will happen to you?
    1. You will receive a letter stating your are in violation of a tax law.
    2. If you do not reply to that letter you will receive a court order to appear in court.
    3. If you do not show up to court what will happen next?
    4. Government officials will come to your home. What happens if you peacefully do not comply?

You maybe arrested, you may receive bodily harm or you may pay the ultimate price with your life. Either way you, in the eyes of the government, are not entitled by your natural right to your property. Your earnings that never existed before your voluntary agreement with an employer, your property that you earned by supplying your body for labor and your mind for creativity is the governments in their eyes.

A Constitutional government, in proportionate size to its legal authority as outlined by the Constitution of the United States of America, would be very small. There are many creative ways to fund a small government and this country did just that for the first 150 years without any taxes on wages or salaries.

Under a small government, whose sole role is to protect the natural rights and liberties of the individual, if taxation was still to exist, the percentage would be so small people may not even notice, however, extorting payment from property owners would end and confiscation of people's property would end i.e. taking a person's wages and or salary.

Prior to 1913 taxing was rarely done and when done it was very brief because the citizens of the United States recognized taxation for what it is. Usually the tax situation involved a war. Thus citizens were adept to become war weary quickly. It was in 1913 – 1917 the government schemed, created the Federal Reserve, a privately owned bank cartel, and ever since the United States has been in one violent conflict after another. For when you can pay for wars with freshly created money or defer the debt to future generations the immediate impact is not felt and citizens do not complain. Fractional reserve banking is at the root to the vast majority of our problems in the United States and the world community for that matter.

It is time to start rolling back our tax burdens, along with the size of all governments.

Taxation is legalized form of robbery; libertarianism Explained

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