Interview with Kevin McCormick, Libertarian presidential candidate

Kevin McCormickI first met Libertarian Party 2016 presidential candidate Kevin McCormick at this year’s LP California state convention. I was impressed with how he carried himself and presented an intelligent Libertarian platform and policy options. No matter what candidate you’re supporting for the presidential nomination, you want Kevin McCormick to debate in the top 5 at the upcoming national convention. Kevin tells you why.

ZF: Why is Kevin McCormick running for President?

Kevin: I joined [the Party] and I first identified myself as a libertarian in 1996 when I cast my ballot for Harry Brown. I joined the Party for personal freedom, privacy, free speech, and a smaller government. These same topics same are some of the most important topics for Americans today. The other parties have promised it but they’ve never delivered. I think these four topics should be our message for the presidential election, and this message can drive the largest vote total ever for the Libertarian Party and grow our membership.

ZF: Alright, now I’m just going to ask simple, non-controversial questions. First question: will you deport all illegal aliens and enforce laws against businesses that hire them?

Kevin: No. We have the [potential for a] very free market that should be put in place to allow labor to move freely across our borders. People don’t realize that we actually have a net migration going on right now. I live in Arizona myself, and we have more people leaving the United States than we have coming across the Mexican border right now.

ZF: What is your stance on legalizing marijuana and on the War on Drugs in general?

Kevin: Marijuana should be legal. I think it’s an insult to the scientific community that we have a plant that we [as a nation] claim has no medical value but we are refusing to do research on it. This is not how science is founded. And the War on Drugs is not in place to protect people, it’s actually to hold down minorities and groups that dare to speak out against the government.

ZF: How would the Global War on Terrorism change with Kevin McCormick as commander-in-chief?

Kevin: As someone who’s spent his life working in the tech industry, I’m always looking for Option C when someone only presents A and B. We can see that in our lives today. One of the keys that I see to saving the War on Terror [from quagmire] and changing things is: instead of dropping bombs from our drones, we should be turning these drones around and using them to pass Wi-Fi and Internet connection to people in countries with these dictators [and warlords]. 

We have Facebook, Space-X, and Google all trying to develop this technology and one of the biggest hurdles they have is 1) resources and 2) the altitude that they need to fly their services or balloons at. Our U.S. military doesn’t have that problem. You want to see Iran step into line? Stop dropping bombs [in the region] and doing embargoes on the people; that hurts the people. You want to hurt a dictator? Tell him that you’re giving his people access to free speech and free information.

ZF: Now, at this point in time I think it’s fair to say that the agreed-on frontrunners are Johnson, McAfee, and Petersen. Why at this point do you consider yourself to be a good contender for the presidential nomination of our party?

Kevin: I’ve told many people in the Party that I made my late run—I’m sorry I was late to the party, but I’m not doing this because of my personal agenda. I’m doing this because we have the opportunity of a lifetime for the Libertarian Party to make a real impact in America, and most importantly, properly introduce the Libertarian Party to millions of disenfranchised voters. But we are missing this opportunity right now with how we’re speaking and how we’re directing our message.

ZF: What kind of attention have you already brought to the Libertarian Party and libertarian ideas so far?

Kevin: The first week I announced my run for candidacy, I was featured almost ten times in the local media in Phoenix, Arizona, the fifth largest media market in the US, reached over a quarter of a million people through media, Facebook and social media, and finished third in the LP poll on the Libertarian Party website—ahead of John McAfee—72 hours after announcing my candidacy. I can get the media attention and I know how to motivate people into action.

ZF: Do you have a majority of delegates in any states?

Kevin: I don’t have a majority of delegates in any states right now. Most people haven’t had the chance to even meet me or hear my message and that’s what I’m trying to drive home for people at the national convention. Put me on the debate stage, hear my message, hear how I speak and how I can reach out to these voters. Give me the opportunity, hear my message, and you can make a choice for yourself.

ZF: So are you saying that even if they don’t plan on voting for you as delegates, there’s some way to get you into the debate?

Kevin: Yes! Every delegate’s going to have the opportunity to give a candidate their debate token when they arrive. You can hand me your debate token. It doesn’t mean that you have to vote for me as your nominee. It just says that you want to have another voice—a clear, articulate voice—and a good libertarian message on the debate stage, which will be broadcast on C-SPAN to a national audience. Having the most clear and open, honest answers to our questions as the Libertarian Party is key to our message.

ZF: How can Party members and other interested people find out more information about you?

Kevin: You can go to You can also find me on Facebook. Just search for Kevin McCormick 2016 and you can find out more information about me there as well as ways to contact me. I’m very open. You can message me directly on Facebook and Twitter and I’ll respond to any questions you might have.