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As a contributor to the Libertarian Party of Nevada, you are investing in the future of Liberty for the people of Nevada. With the attacks by the legislature on our rights and the disappointments that are our elected officials, we face challenging times in our beautiful state. Contributions from our membership keep us fighting strong. Building a strong foundation to grow the party, appealing poor court decisions, supporting our candidates, and lobbying for freedom oriented legislation (or the repeal of bad legislation).

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  • Contributions or gifts to the Libertarian Party of Nevada are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes.
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Examples on how your investment in the Libertarian Party of Nevada helps out!


  • $50 goes to stocking 1 full outreach booth kit to grow voter registrations
  • $100 helps pay for Candidate Training
  • $500 gets us a small booth at a medium sized event like a gun show
  • $1,500 buys a phone blast to an entire county
  • $5,000 gets us a booth at events like San Gennaro Fest for three days
  • $2,825 buys a mailing to the voters in a district

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  • Hot line: 702.763.9310

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