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Back 2 Basics - Membership Drive


Fellow Libertarians,

I am very excited to announce our first membership drive in a very long time-the "Back 2 Basics" Membership Drive. The Libertarian Party of Nevada (LPNevada) knows that in order to grow we must first be able to fulfill the essential functions of a political party. It's time to get back 2 basics! The new LPNevada Executive Committee spent the past 8 months working tirelessly to build a strong foundation for the party. During this time, we moved to a divisional structure and created over 50 leadership positions. Each month, we are identifying and placing new leaders and getting more and more organized.

Our goal has been to create real value for our membership and donors. I am working full time as your Chairman and I have personally invested a lot of money into our infrastructure. Because of this we have been able to accomplish some amazing things. As stated in the past, we view LPNevada as a startup company. Before you approach investors in a startup, you have to build a prototype or develop a business model. It would be premature to ask investors to invest in your company before you have created value. LPNevada has built a working model; for the first time ever we have an office, fun events, a great website, regular communications and professional, full time leadership. We feel value has been created for LPNevada!

Our Top Priorities

The mission of LPNevada is to influence public policy into a more Libertarian direction. As stated in my first Letter From The Chair, "historically the Libertarian Party has been ineffective in Nevada politics and failed influencing public policy into a more Libertarian direction. We have not proved to be a viable option for Nevada voters." The good news is that we are well positioned to change this in a big way and we are functioning like a true political party! We are now a viable option for Nevada voters.

Our Political Division and the Public Policy Advocacy and Influence Division have been working on big plans which we are starting to implement now. Over the next two legislative sessions, our goal is to author bills and work on initiatives.


LPNevada is currently drafting legislation to introduce to the State Assembly and State Senate. For more information, please visit LPNevada is drafting the following three legislation(s) and identifying sponsors: 

  • Legalization of Recreational Use of Marijuana. This is an industry where Nevada should have lead the way. Colorado has experienced rapid growth by creating a new industry overnight. Tourism is up, new jobs have been created and Colorado has become the nucleus for the Marijuana industry. LPNevada is drafting legislation similar to Colorado, and trying to push it through the State Legislature and get it signed into law.

  • Nevada Jobs and Entrepreneur Diversity Act. Nevada should set a precedent to the rest of the country on by allowing easy access to capital for businesses which require investments to launch or further develop their business model. Strict laws make it very challenging for companies to successfully raise capital. This act will enable Nevada companies to easily raise money from Nevada residents via intrastate offerings. This will also encourage new job growth by incentivizing companies to relocate to Nevada. Additionally, one of the goals will be to create a niche banking industry in Nevada with an influx of venture capital firms, venture capital funds, hedge funds, investment banks and traditional banks who wish to participate in these offerings. Furthermore, startup companies will be incentivized to establish a presence in Nevada to take advantage of benefits for doing business in Nevada.

  • Nevada Alternative Currency Act. LPNevada will be working closely with members of the digital currency community to provide leadership on legislation which will recognize alternative currencies such as digital currencies, gold and silver as legal tender in Nevada. Currently there are not any laws in the Nevada Revised Statutes which prohibit the use of alternative currencies, however, we would like to be proactive in lieu of reactive to legislation. Additionally, we would like to include the ability for Nevada to pay bills to the state (taxes, licenses or other expenses) in alternative currencies to include silver. After all, we are the silver state!


LPNevada will be working to support ongoing initiatives and to fight others. For more information, please visit Below are three important initiatives we will be working on: 

  • The Education Initiative (aka the Margin Tax). LPNevada is strongly opposed to this initiative. This will be on the ballot this November and we will fight tooth and nail against it. In essence, the Education Initiative (also known as the Margin Tax) is a 2% tax on the gross revenues of all businesses in Nevada, regardless of whether your company is making a profit or losing money. In a time where Nevada has one of the highest unemployment rates in the nation, this will be a deterrent for companies to expand or to relocate in Nevada.

  • Marriage Equality. The LPNevada is supporting the 2016 ballot measure to substitute gender neutral definition of marriage in Nevada (marriage equality). In the long term, we hope to end the State's interference in people's relationships entirely. However, we recognize that there is a long road to marriage freedom and favor an incremental approach as a matter of practicality. We support the 2016 ballot initiative to repeal the unconstitutional and unconscionable ban on same sex marriage in the Nevada Constitution. Las Vegas is a marriage capital of the world and legalizing same sex marriage will lead to substantial revenues and increased tourism throughout Nevada.

  • Initiative to Regulate and Tax Marijuana Like Alcohol. LPNevada is supporting this initiative. We are working with and supporting The Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol to qualify a measure for the November 2016 ballot that would end marijuana prohibition in Nevada. In order to qualify for the 2016 ballot, the campaign must submit more than 100,000 valid signatures by Nov. 11, 2014. You can contact us to sign the petition!


LPNevada acknowledges that we have little impact on national politics, however, we can have tremendous influence on local politics. Therefore our focus is on local politics because all politics are won locally! We recently published our positions on local (state) issues; please visit to learn about Libertarian ideas. The state and county governments in Nevada need to reduce the burden that they impose on taxpayers, businesses and consumers, and let peaceful Nevadans live their lives without so much interference from government!


Throughout this membership drive we will have five events each month. LPNevada hosts two open house events each month at our headquarters in Las Vegas. We encourage people to visit our office and learn about what we are working on and how you can get involved. We also host three monthly social events; one in Washoe County (Reno) and two in Clark County (Las Vegas). Washoe County hosts its Second Tuesday event each month at 1864 Tavern. In Las Vegas we have two monthly events held at Jalisco Mexican Cantina and Sedona Restaurant and Lounge. Please visit for a full event schedule.

Everyone is encouraged to attend our events and of course, bring your friends and family to help grow the party!

Additional Goals

Build a sustainable model. Our immediate goal is to develop a sustainable model from income derived from monthly donations and contributions. This will enable us to forecast and plan our budget efficiently for long term growth of the party.

Statewide advertising campaigns. Part of our initial growth strategy is to launch statewide advertising campaigns. Several high end commercials are currently in production for LPNevada. Party leadership is working with professional producers to assist us in effectively communicating our message with the goal of high conversions into new members. We have identified a firm who is assisting us with targeting our commercials to specific demographics and they will help us with buying media. We also launched new marketing materials which identify where we agree and disagree with each political party and which identify our own ideas. Our goal is to raise the necessary funds to engage in major media buying campaigns enabling us to advertise across Nevada.

Purchase data and target new communities. We intend to target specific demographics, such as unaffiliated voters (registered voters without a party affiliation) and new voters (first time voters). As we approach new communities we will learn which issues are important to them and assist by providing leadership. This will take a large investment to purchase additional data and a staff to do targeted outreach.

Video Blogs and Podcasts. We are working with a seasoned team of professionals who are assisting us with developing a strategy to start regular video blogs. We have a green screen studio with professional lighting and equipment in our office and we hope to launch very soon. In addition, we are starting a weekly podcast in which we will invite members of the political community to participate. The video blogs and podcasts will be widely accessible.

Hire additional staff members. In order to achieve maximum success we need a larger team of full time staff members. Other major political parties in Nevada have full time staff to advance their party, and we need to do the same! We love our volunteers, but in order to be competitive, we need to bring in full time and part time staff members who eat, breathe and sleep the Libertarian Party. As we continue to grow our staff, there will be a direct result in additional members, candidates and voters. We also need to give our support teams the help they need to manage and answer any questions volunteers may have, recruit Interns, and be available to assist new and returning members.

Help us Build the Party - Become a Member Today!

As a contributor (member) to the Libertarian Party of Nevada, you are investing in the future of Liberty for the people of Nevada. With the attacks by the legislature on our rights, and the disappointments that are our elected officials, we face challenging times in our beautiful state. Contributions from our membership keep us fighting strong. Your contributions will help us continue to build a strong foundation to grow the party, appeal poor court decisions, support our candidates, and lobby for freedom oriented legislation (and the repeal of bad legislation).

The Party must be equipped to send political mailers, recruit and organize volunteers, buy television and radio ads and be strong enough to ensure Libertarian Party candidates are elected. We are driven by the fact that so many people are Libertarians but just don't know it! Our goal for this membership drive is to communicate with these individuals and let them know we exist.

Monthly contributions help us to plan future initiatives and budget for the most effective approaches. As a Libertarian Party of Nevada donor you are taking a direct part in advancing liberty in Nevada.

People have said in the past that the Libertarian Party is not a real force in politics; let's change that together! This is your chance to help us become an effective political party! The Libertarian Party of Nevada is about to take off and we want you with us. It's time to get serious!

Please review our membership levels and select which level is best for you.

Membership Levels for the Libertarian Party of Nevada

Thank you for your continued support!

Brett H. Pojunis
Libertarian Party of Nevada
Direct: 702.763.9311
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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