Caucuses + Coalitions

The Libertarian Party of Nevada (LPNevada) is comprised of many different caucuses and coalitions. The purpose of each caucus and coalition is to understand the problems specific groups are faced with so we can take action! Additionally, causes and coalitions are used for major recruitment activities as well as outreach in these communities. Our caucuses and coalitions enable us to be much more effective by organizing people around specific ideas, projects, causes etc. Below is a list of each caucus or coalition:  

Save Nevada Business


Save Nevada Business Collation (Save NV Biz) was established by business owners in Nevada in response to the over taxation, egregious regulation/compliance and the overreaching intrusive government. We work to; hold government accountable, simplify government regulations, minimize taxes and create an environment that is business friendly in Nevada. We accomplish this by promoting a pro-business agenda through political action.

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Out For Liberty


Out For Liberty (OFL) is the LGBT+ caucus of the Libertarian Party of Nevada, and the Nevada branch of Outright Libertarians. The Libertarian Party is radically inclusive of minorities, and has been at the forefront of the struggle for gay rights since we were founded in 1971. Our mission is to confront political and social issues at the state and local level. OFL is also committed to promoting Libertarianism to the LGBT+ community.

Chair: Brandon Ellyson


Women in Nevada


Women in Nevada is the official women’s caucus of the Libertarian Party of Nevada, and the Nevada branch of the National Organization of Libertarian Women (NOWL). WIN is active in the promotion, selection, and development of strong leaders, candidates, and strategies for local, county, and state Libertarian Party affiliates. WIN is dedicated to empowering women through self governance and personal responsibility. Their mission is to support Libertarian women and to offer education and information regarding Libertarian ideas to women everywhere by addressing social and political issues from the Libertarian perspective.

Chair: Candy Nickens


Young Libertarians Caucus

The Young Libertarians Caucus works with both chapter based, chapter support, and chapterless student organizations to effect mass-based youth political action. Their mission is to promote libertarian ideas on campus, fight campus discrimination and censorship, and to get libertarians elected to major public office. 

Chair: Andrew Lea



Libertarios is our Hispanic Caucus. The largest group of immigrants to the United States are hispanics, who have first hand experience about the many harms of big government. Their experiences abroad, and dealing with the leviathan, inefficient, and oppressive immigration process makes them natural allies to the Libertarian movement. Libertarios is committed to promoting Libertarian ideas to the hispanic community, and ensuring that the Libertarian Party of Nevada (LPN) is informed of and active on issues that are important to the community.

Chair: Roberto Juarez


Black Libertarian Caucus

The Black Libertarian Caucus represents the black members of the Libertarian Party of Nevada. The mission of the Black Libertarian Caucus is to promote and encourage the full participation of black Libertarians with the Party, to initiate and support Party policies and issues that empower black Nevadans, to inform the Party about the black community’s concerns. Major issues the Black Libertarian Caucus is concerned with are police brutality, disproportionate enforcement in the unjust drug war, and growing employment and education gaps.

Chair: Ron Johnson


Nightlife & Entertainment Coalition of Nevada

The Nightlife & Entertainment Coalition of Nevada (NECNV) keeps the industry up to date with local and state pending legislation and regulations that will negatively affect the industry. NECNV holds regular meetings to discuss what issues are affecting your industry and execute on plans to change them.

If our industry is divided then it is easier for the government to target a specific business. United, they HAVE to pay attention. We have so many allies that we can bring in from other industries. As one unified voice we advocate for solutions on key business issues and educate politicians on business priorities for our industry. We advocate for better rules and regulations and we are your voice in government.

Chair: Brett H. Pojunis


Asian American Pacific Islanders Caucus

Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders are one of the largest and fastest growing demographic groups in Nevada. The Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community places strong cultural value on the importance of individual opportunity and responsibility. The Asian American Pacific Islander Caucus is the official caucus of the Libertarian Party representing this demographic.


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Causes and Coalitions being organized now:

  • Veterans Caucus
  • Christian Libertarian Caucus
  • LDS Caucus
  • Libertarian Jewish Caucus
  • 2nd Generation Nevadan Caucus
  • UnPlug Monopolies Coalition
  • Secular Coalition