Your 2018 Candidates


At its Convention on March 3, 2018, the Libertarian Party of Nevada selected nominees for the 2018 General Election Ballot. These nominees are candidates for partisan public office in the State of Nevada - below you will find information about them as well as a link to their website and social media!


US Senate - Tim Hagan


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Tim Hagan was born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri, and has lived in Nevada for the past twenty-four years. Tim graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, Magna Cum Laude, from the Missouri University of Science and Technology (former University of Missouri-Rolla). After working for General Dynamics, Northrop, and INTELSAT, he went to graduate school at Georgia Tech where he earned a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering and a Management of Technology Certificate. After graduating in 1993, Tim accepted a position with EG&G Technical Services and moved to Nevada. He is currently an Electrical Engineer with JT3.

Congress, District 1 - Robert Strawder


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Robert van Strawder, better known as Tha Vegas Don, is a hip hop artist, filmmaker, and entrepreneur. His independent film Checkmate Tha Movie debuted at the 2017 Black Film Festival in Las Vegas. The 1980s crack epidemic and the War on Drugs destroyed his family at an early age. To support his younger siblings, van Strawder turned to a criminal lifestyle which took years to escape. In addition to his business enterprises, van Strawder today is a social entrepreneur and heavily involved in improving the community. When he’s not volunteering as a Brazilian Jujitsu instructor at the Mesa Community Center, he directly mentors at-risk youth who are being targeted for gang recruitment. He’ll be launching a local nonprofit in 2018 for youth character development and rehabilitation.

Congress, District 3 - Steven Brown


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Steve Brown was born in Cook, Minnesota, and the second generation of his family born in America. All his grandparents emigrated from Finland. After graduating from high school, he served in the US Army from 1974- 1977. He was stationed in West Germany in a nuclear missile unit. Steve also served in the Nevada National Guard from 1987-88, and as a Seabee in the US Navy Reserve from 1988-91. He received an honorable discharge from all 3 branches. Steve is a member of the American Legion.

He moved to Las Vegas in 1982. He worked as a 21 and craps dealer, before starting his own business in 1986. During the day, Steve is a licensed contractor; at night Steve works a second job as a Table Games Dealer at the Four Queens, in downtown Las Vegas. As a masonry contractor, Steve does not believe in signing contracts. His faith in the honesty of other people has been rewarded; only 3 times in over 25 years has anyone burned him for his money. He truly believes that a person’s word is better than a written contract.

Congress, District 4 - Gregg Luckner


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Gregg was born in Miami in 1968 and raised in Southern Florida until college, graduating Cum Laude from the University of Alabama in 1991. Upon graduation, Gregg moved to New York City, where he worked in IT. Gregg moved to Las Vegas with his wife Paolina in 2004, where he made a successful career as a realtor. Although he was a lifelong Republican (even volunteering for Dole/Kemp), Gregg found the GOP was increasingly not reflective of his values. A lifetime of political involvement left Gregg with the conviction that fiscal responsibility and limited government intervention in our personal lives are essential to raise the standard of living & protect personal freedom.


Governor - Jared Lord


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Born to a working class family in Southern Massachusetts, Jared was raised to value honesty, integrity, and hard work. He received his BA in Psychology from UMASS Dartmouth in 2006 and worked as a counselor in group homes and the county jail. Sick of shoveling snow, he moved to Southern Nevada in 2009. In 2011, he was appointed Gary Johnson's Nevada State Director, and moved to the Libertarian Party in December of that year. After the 2012 election he volunteered with Our America Initiative, a grassroots libertarian 501(c)4 PAC. He is employed at Maverick Aviation Group, and often freelances as a musician, and on film sets for the Nevada based film company, Mahal Empire.

Assembly District 17 - Ron Newsome


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Single adopted Father of two boys, Owner/manager retail and service stores, Special Children’s advocacy, Special Olympics, Awarded the outstanding volunteer with the American Red Cross/ Nellis Air Force Base, Member Parent Teacher Association, Founder/Former Seated Board President “The Gloria House” Home for the Terminally ill, Active Independent Advocate for the Special Needs Children, Ten years cardiac care nursing, Former AFAN/advisory board, Former Metropolitan Community Church affiliated member, Licensed Medication Administrator, Designer of the Year 3rd USA, 1st World Roux Inc; 1985.

Assembly District 29 - Bruce James-Newman


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Bruce was born in New London, CT. After leaving the University of CT, he moved to Boston, where he started his career in financial services, including as a stock broker and trader. 30 years in the business led him from Boston, to San Diego and finally to Las Vegas. Bruce and his wife Darlene retired in 2010 and moved to Honolulu to live their dream and open a deli. By 2012, they were back in Las Vegas, a bit poorer and wiser. In 2017, they bought a home in Green Valley, and Bruce decided to pursue his lifelong dream of running for office, to help shrink government.


Clark County District G - Douglas Marsh


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Doug Marsh lives in Henderson with his wife, Natalie, son Cole who is a Junior in High School. He has an MBA from Western Governors University and a BA in Economics from Cal. State San Bernardino. He worked for years as an Instructor in Economics and Computer Software Application Programs before going into the field of radio. He worked as a producer and then on-air radio host for KOMP 92.3 The Rock Station and later becoming Sports Program Director for the local ESPN Radio and Fox Sports Radio stations in Las Vegas. He currently does play by play for the UNLV Rebels baseball program and works game day operations with the Vegas Golden Knights in their communication department.

Sparks Mayor - Wendy Stolyarov


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Wendy Stolyarov has lived in Northern Nevada for nearly a decade, and has been active in Nevada politics for several years. She served as a full-time citizen lobbyist for the Libertarian Party of Nevada during the 2017 Legislative Session and has worked for non-profit advocacy groups. She currently works for a local Reno-based technology startup.