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UPDATE: LPEX 2015, the Libertarian Political Expo

LPEX, the Libertarian Political Expo, is a major non-partisan libertarian event hosted at the Tropicana Las Vegas from Thursday, May 28th through Sunday, May 31st. LPEX was established to help grow the Liberty Movement by connecting people, organizations, technology and ideas. LPEX aggregates the best aspects of the Liberty Movement and provides vital leadership training in the form of workshops, panelists and speakers.

The Libertarian Party of Nevada encourages all members to REGISTER for LPEX to learn how to be effective libertarians.

Here are some important links:
Website: www.lpex.org
Workshops: www.lpex.org/training/workshops
Trainers: www.lpex.org/training
Speakers: www.lpex.org/speakers
Sponsors: www.lpex.org/sponsors
Why Attend? www.lpex.org/about/why
Register: www.lpex.org/register

LPEX is not your typical libertarian conference. LPEX will address the major concerns associated with libertarians and provide vital training in the form of workshops, panelists and speakers. The workshops cover a broad range of subjects such as fundraising, messaging, marketing, networking, organizing, campaigning, strategy, and influencing legislation. Speakers and panelists will have candid discussions on why libertarians have failed to achieve significant growth and what we need to do to improve.

The official website is www.LPEX.org.

Initially, the goal was to get as many elected officials on board as possible to build value for the trainers, sponsors and exhibitors. So we reached out to our friends and this what we currently have: 2 Congressmen, 3 State Senators, 9 members from the Assembly, Secretary of State, Treasurer, Controller, Assistant Controller, and Las Vegas City Councilman. The featured speakers are available on the homepage www.LPEX.org. There will likely be a few more elected officials added.

Additional speakers include... Bob McNulty successful libertarian entrepreneur, Larry Elder National Radio Personality, Frank Kassella World Series of Poker Champion and Libertarian entrepreneur, Brett Bitner Executive Director of the Advocates for Self Government, Carlo Maffatt former director of LIBRE Initiative in Nevada and founder of the new libertarian Hispanic caucus Libertarios, Timothy M. Sandefur from Pacific Legal Foundation, Judge Jim Gray 2012 Vice Presidential Candidate, Brett H. Pojunis, Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Nevada, Mark Bradley Successful Libertarian Entrepreneur, Chad Barth from Eventbrite, Talmage Cooley CEO and Founder of Democracy.com, Wayne Crews VP Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI), of Louis Jasikoff former state chair of New Jersey and Pennsylvania also owner of Muckraker, and a few members from the Libertarian Party of Nevada Executive Committee.

You can see a full list at http://lpex.org/speakers. Please check back as it is updated regularly.

Training is the #1 Priority!

LPEX has secured some of the top political trainers in the country to facilitate our training and workshops.

  • American Majority. American Majority uses cutting-edge training and technology to empower individuals and groups with the most effective tools for promoting liberty through limited government. The training at CPAC was powered by American Majority.
  • Turning Point USA. The organization's mission is to educate students about the importance of fiscal responsibility, free markets, and limited government.
  • Pacific Legal Foundation. The Pacific Legal Foundation will be providing information on policy and discuss how they have been effective.
  • Nevada Policy Research Institute (NPRI). NPRI is a libertarian political think tank conducting training on legislation, public policy and lobbying.
  • Leadership Institute. The Leadership Institute is one of the largest leadership trainers in the US.

In total, we have created over 20 fantastic workshops which we will host during LPEX from the best political trainers in the country! There will be additional breakout sessions from our Sponsors which include online event management and promotion from Eventbrite and developing organization and candidate's internet presence from Democracy.com. Additional training will be done via panel discussions.

Link to workshops: http://lpex.org/training/workshops

Meet some of the Trainers: http://www.lpex.org/training/trainers


  • Larry Elder is our Friday morning breakfast speaker and is broadcasting his radio show LIVE from LPEX on Friday from 3pm-6pm.
  • Our America Initiative (Governor Gary Johnson's PAC) will be hosting a social event on Friday night.
  • The Libertarian State Leadership Alliance will be hosting their annual business meeting.
  • The Libertarian Parties of Nevada and California will be hosting their annual conferences on Sunday.
  • Kevin Wall will be broadcasting live from LPEX.
  • Thursday we are hosting a financial conference in conjunction with LPEX mostly around the Marijuana Industry.
  • There will be a panel of elected officials discussing a variety of topics ranging from how to contact them to getting their support on legislation.
  • A panel to discuss how libertarians can effectively leverage technology from some of the top technology companies in the business.
  • Many vendors and exhibitors will have products/services each state and county affiliate can benefit from.
  • Tony Stiles will be broadcasting live from LPEX.
  • WeedTV.com will be covering LPEX and uploading the content toWeedTV.com.

Over the next few weeks we will be announcing much more!

Who will be at LPEX?

LPEX is a premier networking and training event for liberty minded individuals and organizations comprised of;

  • Political Party leaders, Advisors
  • Activists & Voters
  • *Individuals new to politics
  • Elected officials
  • Future & declared candidates
  • Political media
  • Donors
  • Coalition members
  • Non-profits
  • Initiative based organizations

*LPEX was created to encourage the general public who are interested in politics to participate.

I hope that all of you participate, to register, please visit this link: http://lpex.org/register.
Prices will go up over time so please register as soon as possible.

We have negotiated amazing rates at the Tropicana, $70/night on Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday and $125/night on Friday and Saturday. They have waived their $22.99/ night resort fee. Please visit this page for more information and to book your rooms: http://lpex.org/hotel. Here is the direct link to book hotels:

MyLPEX Social Media.
Please follow and like LPEX on social media:

Twitter: @mylpex


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