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Introducing LPEX The Libertarian Political Expo

24 February 2015 By In News 1 comment


There is a desperate need for a political movement to arise which represents the people of this country. Over the past 200 years there have been many experiments with political philosophies advocating for various forms of government intervention in the economy, and in our personal lives. Each time there has been a new experiment, there have been victims. Unfortunately, the two parties have become so close in ideology that we can barely tell them apart. Today, many Americans have become the victim.

Libertarianism is the Solution. 

Libertarianism is a consistent political philosophy, which applies to issues important to all Americans. Libertarianism stems from "classical liberalism," which advocated for a free-market economy for abundance and prosperity, the dedication to personal freedom and civil liberties that made America great, and a foreign policy dedicated to free trade, non-intervention, and peace, as intended by America's founders. However, the terms and brands "liberal" and "libertarian" have been intentionally tainted.

Libertarianism is a Disruptive Idea.

Some of us view libertarian organizations as tech start-ups. Those of us with experience in start-ups understand that in order to be successful you must create value. Value is created for investors (donors) by demonstrating long term return on investment (ROI). Value is created for the consumer (voters, supporters) by developing a product or service people want.

Before you approach investors (donors, volunteers) in a startup, you have to build a prototype or develop a business model. It would be premature to ask investors to invest in your company before you have created value. Similarly, going to market with a product or service which is not ready will turn consumers (voters) off to your company.

Libertarians Failed to Create Value.

Historically libertarians have been ineffective in politics and failed to influence public policy. Libertarian organizations have not performed the basic functions of political organizations such as winning elections, fundraising, marketing, and communicating the libertarian message. Stated plainly, libertarians have not proved to be a viable option for America.

How LPEX will Create Success.

LPEX develops individuals into leaders so they can build effective libertarian organizations. Libertarianism resonates with more people today than ever before! The culture of libertarians must change to keep up with the increased demand for a viable option in American politics.

LPEX is not your typical libertarian conference. LPEX will address the major concerns associated with libertarians and provide vital training in the form of workshops, panels and speakers. The workshops cover a broad range of subjects such as fundraising, messaging, marketing, networking, organizing, campaigning, policy, strategy, and influencing legislation. Speakers and panelists will have candid discussions on why libertarians have failed to achieve significant growth and what we need to do to improve.

Please Register for LPEX today!

For more information please visit

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