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21st Century New Birth of Liberty

24 February 2015 By In News 1 comment


What most Americans yearn for, is a rebirth of the freedoms and liberties that we feel are our birthright as citizens of this country. Freedom and liberty are the cornerstones of the great house of Democracy that makes America – AMERICA!

The Republican Party's last great call to action was to abolish slavery (or at least to stop its spread into new territories of the United States, depending on how extreme your anti-slavery views were). It's hard to imagine that Republicans would claim that Nixon's mustering of the "Silent Majority" was a great cause. The modern Democratic Party began to take its current form when Franklin Roosevelt promised America a "New Deal," and they have continued to build our social-safety-net oriented big government machine through Johnson's "Great Society" promise to end poverty in America. Today there is no call to action in either of those parties. Their primary goal is to hand the reins of government power back and forth--to use our democracy as a tool to build a governing class in Washington that rules over the rest of America.

The Libertarian Party is NOW! There is a real call to action that must be answered. The privacy rights of all of Americans are dreadfully threatened. The free flow of ideas and information is slowly being choked off by the ruling elite in Washington. The citizens of America have got to realize what is happening and take that control away from tyrannical, bureaucratic DC and bring it back to the States. Let's face it--neither the Democrats nor the Republicans have any interest in dismantling the power base of the military-industrial complex/special interest run machine that is our Federal Government. They are more than happy to pass executive power back and forth to each other every 8-12 years while putting the other party into control of the Congress and continuing to focus on locking out regular Americans. Slowly stripping all of us of our rights. Stealing our privacy. Spying on Americans, strip searching grandmothers and children at airports, restricting what we can read about on the Internet.... Does anyone really think that it makes any difference whatsoever whether Jeb Bush or Hillary Clinton sit in the White House in a few years?! Average Americans will notice nothing different! NOTHING.

Any really good student of American history can tell you that what the framers of the constitution intended, more than anything else, was to create a new government, on a new continent, that had an UNUSUAL regard for the opinions and freedoms of the individuals governed. The state was to tremble at the power of the citizen. But sadly, in our nation today, most of us tremble at the power of our government. This has go to change or we will just continue to build a stronger and more terrifying Police State that is growing out of control.

For the past two years, I have personally struggled over how to get involved, and what form my involvement should take. Historically, I had supported candidates of both parties, and always tried my best to put significant time into researching and educating myself and my family about the issues and individuals running for office, so that we could make the best decisions on who to vote for. Eventually I got to the point where I decided that the only way to change government was to personally get involved in the process and run for office myself. I sought out the advice of friends, friends of friends, constituents, neighbors and Washington DC based experts, who all tried hard to give me the best advice for how to accomplish what I was setting out to do. The first critical decision I had to make was to decide what party I was going to run in. Now, for many people out there considering a move into politics, I would guess that this is an easy decision. But when you are a libertarian at heart, and you want to make a serious move into politics, you have to make a decision on what party you are going to run in, because nobody takes Libertarians seriously on the ballot. I have always been fiscally conservative and socially liberal, as libertarians are. I think government's involvement in people's lives should be minimal, and restricted whenever and wherever possible. In that position, when you are considering a serious political run (mine was going to be for my home congressional seat versus Joe Heck the Republican incumbent) you have to decide which of the two parties is most palatable to the ways you personally feel. In the end, for me, it was an easy choice. There are just some positions that all Republicans are supposed to take that I feel are too extreme, so I could only see myself running for Congress as a Democrat.

At that point I hired in a terrific Democrat/Washington based campaign manager and we got to work bringing in the media teams necessary to beat Erin Bilbray in the primary so that we could then go on to win against Joe Heck. I immediately realized that in order for me to win the nomination I was going to have to publicly and LOUDLY support government programs that I knew were going to turn into a disaster (namely Obamacare). I realized that I was in a position where I could be true to myself, and realize that neither party represented the way I felt our government should be run, or just say and do whatever it would take to get elected and hope that I wasn't so corrupted by the process that when I got to Washington DC I could actually make a difference. (I don't know how any of those candidates end up doing that but they certainly can PRETEND.)

For a number of years now, in the minds of many people, there have existed two different meanings to the word libertarian. They apply the word "libertarian" to describe their overall political philosophy, while at the same time acknowledging that the Libertarian Party is full nuts, screaming extreme views that they cannot support, let alone take seriously as a political party. Our objective with LPEX (Libertarian Political Expo) is to convert the "small l" libertarians into "big L" Libertarians. We want to put together a political platform with planks that make sense to common voters in Nevada. We don't want to just be the party that people throw a protest vote at. We want to bring in new young members who have yet to find a real home for their political voice. We need to recruit old party operatives from Democratic and GOP ranks, who want to feel like they are really working for purpose again. We want regular men and women to get passionate about changing our government. We want our candidates for office to be taken seriously. We want to win seats in the state legislatures, the city councils, the county commissions, and eventually the US Congress.

The time is now. The calls to action are Privacy and Freedom of Information. The answer is Libertarianism!

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Frank Kassela

Libertarian Party of Nevada

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Frank is an American professional poker player from Germantown, Tennessee now residing in Las Vegas, who is a two-time World Series of Poker bracelet winner. He won both of his bracelets at the 2010 World Series of Poker. He earned the 2010 WSOP (World Series of Poker) Player of the Year Award.

Frank is also a successful entrepreneur and a Libertarian.

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