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Visit the Libertarian Party of Nevada at Las Vegas Hemp Fest!

03 October 2014 By In Outreach 0 comment

The Libertarian Party of Nevada is excited to participate at Hemp Fest! A very special thanks to Cindy Brown and Rick Green for providing us space in their booth from Patient to Patient. Also thank you for for helping us with video content and space within their booth. If you are going to be there please stop by and say hi, oh and introduce your friends!

About Hemp Fest

Hemp Fest is a celebration of the progressive growth of the hemp & cannabis culture. These are revolutionary events that happen across the country throughout the year. The most common celebration date is on 4/20, the core date behind the cannabis community's fruit of celebration. The purpose of the Hemp Fest is to provide members of the marijuana world to come together, network, collaborate, and fight towards growth of the culture!

On October 4th 2014, from 11am – 11:30pm the cannabis community from around the globe will be gathering at the Clark County Government Amphitheater located at 500 South Grand Central Parkway, Las Vegas, NV 89154.


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Brett H. Pojunis

Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Nevada

Email:  brett.pojunis (at)

Twitter @pojunis

Political Bio

Brett H. Pojunis is the Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Nevada and previously served as their Secretary.

Mr. Pojunis is one of the leaders in the Libertarian Party and served two terms on the Libertarian National Committee. Mr. Pojunis serves on the Information Technology Committee as well as the Audit Committee...

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