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Event reminder - Bring a Friend to LPNevada Events

18 September 2014 By In Outreach 0 comment

Fellow Libertarians,

Over the last few months we have continued to grow and each day we are becoming more organized. Many new people are stopping by the office and learning about how they can get more involved.

This Friday we launch our monthly 3rd Friday event at Sedona. This will be a fantastic opportunity to introduce new people to the party and meet with other Libertarians.

Here is a link to the event, please help share this on social media:

Our goal is to engage as many people as we can before the election. Every vote counts and let’s face it, after the elections a lot of people are simply not interested in politics.

My challenge to all Libertarians is to bring as many people as you can to participate in our events. Please talk to your friends, co-workers, family and online friends. You can do this by sharing our events through social media and let people know about the events.

Here is a link to our events calendar through the end of the year:

Thank you for your continued support!


Brett H. Pojunis
Libertarian Party of Nevada
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Brett H. Pojunis

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