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Freedom Fest 2014 Starts Today - Wednesday, July 9th - Saturday, July 12th! Featured

08 July 2014 By In Outreach 1 comment

The Libertarian Party of Nevada is a proud partner with FreedomFest 2014 and we are offering extended Early Bird pricing to all Libertarians in Nevada! Use promo code "lpnevada" and you will receive the special discounted rate!

Freedom Fest 2014 Theme: Big Brother

This year's theme is "big brother" - how government is taxing us, regulating us, watching our every move and turning us into a Nanny State...or worse, a Police State. Watch our #1 video preview at

About FreedomFest

FreedomFest is an annual festival where free minds meet to celebrate "great books, great ideas, and great thinkers" in an open-minded society. It is independent, non-partisan, and not affiliated with any organization or think tank. Founded and produced by Mark Skousen since 2002, FreedomFest invites the "best and the brightest" from around the world to talk, strategize, socialize, and celebrate liberty. FreedomFest is open to all and is purely egalitarian, where speakers, attendees, and exhibitors are treated as equals. We have dozens of sessions, panels and debates galore – on philosophy, history, science & technology, money and investing, healthy living, geo-politics, law and religion. Most of my attendees return year after year.

FreedomFest Update

We are excited about our unique program of panels, debates, mock trials...on philosophy, history, science & technology, healthy living, investing, and politics.

By the way, did you see that the Supreme Court put a slap down on "Big Brother" by ruling 9-0 that our cell phone conversations are private and the government needs a warrant to listen in? That's great news for liberty lovers.


We are excited about John Stossel taping his Fox Business show on Thursday, July 10, at 7 pm. All FreedomFest attendees will be given a free ticket to the show; be sure to arrive in the Celebrity ballroom at 6:30 pm, right after our cocktail reception in the exhibit hall. John plans to interview speakers at FreedomFest, including Steve Forbes, Matt Kibbe (FreedomWorks), Jenny Beth Martin (Tea Party Patriots), and Wayne Allyn Root (author, "The Murder of the Middle Class") and many others. Don't miss it!

After the Stossel taping, there will be a reception for all attendees at the highly-acclaimed "Hyde" nightclub at Ballagio's, right across the street, sponsored by the Libertarian Party of Nevada . The reception includes a hosted champagne bar for all guests, and a chance to mingle and meet some of the movers and shakers in Vegas. Many of our speakers will be in attendance. Click here to read all about it!

The special event breakfasts & luncheons are beginning to fill so if there are any particular ones that you don't want to miss then I would recommend reserving your seat in advance. You can check them out here and give us a call at 866-266-5101 to add on to your registration.

There will also be hosted breakfasts, luncheons & dinners each day so be sure to visit the booths of those sponsoring events for tickets -

Chestnut Exploration - Booth 414
Search Initiatives - Booth 107
TexStar Energy - Booth 108
SwissMetal - Booth 219
GromSocial - Booth 510
Liquid Investments - Booth 205
RPost - Booth 125
Atlas Network - Booth 304

Our Saturday night banquet is always the talk of the town - even in Vegas - and this year will be no different. So bring along your bell bottoms and flower power attire and join us for a lovely dinner but plan to stick around as we 'channel' Janis Joplin and Big Brother and the Holding Company for a 60's themed evening that, I can promise, you will not forget. Oh, and guess what else? The FreedomFest Players are back! Performing a "big brother" version of the musical "Camelot" you won't want to miss -- with Alex Green Sir Lancelot....Grover Norquist, Matt Welch and Mark Skousen as the three knights....Gary Alexander at King Arthur....Naomi Brockwell as Guenevere ....and Steve Forbes as Merlin, the Wizard!

The preliminary agenda is posted here so take a few minutes to check it out. Plus you can visit or the app for a complete listing of all speakers and exhibitors.

We are pleased that C-SPAN will return to cover FreedomFest this year on Friday, July 11. All the events in the Celebrity Ballroom will be filmed on Friday, July 11, including the Panel on Healthcare and Poverty, with Harris Rosen and Steve Forbes; Technology with David Brin and Michael Shermer; World War I with H. W. Brands, John Browne, Tom Palmer and Ron Holland; Peter Schiff on his new book "The Real Crash"; Hot Spots Around the World with Richard Rahn, Doug Bandow, Herman Pirchner, and David Keane; Minimum wage debate with John Mackey and Jeff Waddoups; Big Government with P. J. O'Rourke, John Allison, and Charles Murray; and American Foreign Policy on Trial, with Dinesh D'Souza and Dan McCarthy as attorneys; Kennedy as Judge; Steve Forbes, Grover Norquist, Doug Casey and Brig. Gen. Michael Meese as star witnesses. Be ready to be on nationwide TV.


Libertarian "Extended Early-Bird" Special

Reserve your ticket now: July 9-12, 2014, at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas. Attendance will be limited to 3,000 this year. (Expect them to sell out.) We urge you register early to avoid disappointment. Call Tami Holland, our conference coordinator, at 1-866-266-5101, or register online at Use promo code "lpnevada" and you will receive the special discounted rate!

Conference fee is only $495 per person/$795 per couple, but if you register using promo code "lpnevada" you will receive the special discounted rate and you pay only $395 per person/$595 per couple. Luncheons and the gala Saturday night banquet are extra. Note: You must use promo code "lpnevada" to receive the special discounted rate!

More details at

Here are what some people are saying about Freedom Fest:

"So good, I changed my schedule to attend all 3 days." - Steve Forbes

"The most intense, rewarding, intellectual, create-your-own 3 day conference I've ever attended." - Bob Poole, Jr., Reason magazine

"The greatest libertarian show on earth"- Washington Post

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