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The Libertarian Party of Nevada officially endorses Eddie Lorton for Mayor of Reno Featured

13 May 2014 By In News 1 comment

May 12, 2014

Eddie Lorton
Eddie Lorton for Mayor

Dear Mr. Lorton:

On behalf of our members, I am pleased to inform you the Libertarian Party of Nevada officially endorses your candidacy for 2014 Mayor of Reno.

You have shown considerable dedication and purpose regarding clean governance of the City of Reno. Your successful lawsuit against key members of the Reno City Council opened the door to a new era of leadership, one liberated from the traditional, politically tenured families of Reno's past. Your consistent advocacy of the rights of small businesses in Reno to survive and thrive has been a breath of fresh air at a time when the Reno City Council has done everything possible to support politically connected businesses downtown while punitively punishing everyone else.

The Libertarian Party of Nevada thinks the citizens of Reno deserve a Mayor who will be fiscally responsible with a keen eye for detail. Due to your experience as a successful businessman and the considerable research you have already brought to bear in your campaign, we think you are the only choice in the wide open race for Mayor capable of speaking to the needs of the citizens of Reno, and then – most importantly – acting on them.

Based on the consistency of your convictions and, far more importantly, your ability and willingness to translate convictions into action, the Libertarian Party of Nevada encourages everyone who values personal liberty to support you with us.

We wish you the best on your campaign and will continue to be available to you and your staff as needed.

In liberty,

David Colborne
At-Large Representative


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David Colborne

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David Colborne is an At-Laerge Representative of the Libertarian Party of Nevada and previously served as their Secretary & Northern Regional Representative.

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