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LPNevada Division Spotlight: Communications Division

07 April 2014 By In Outreach 0 comment

Starting with this issue, LPNevada will begin highlighting a different Division within our growing organization. The first Division we are featuring is the Communications Division.

The Communications Division shall be responsible for communicating the policies, positions, and opinions of the Libertarian Party of Nevada to the public at large. This responsibility shall include maintaining the content of the Libertarian Party of Nevada web site, establishing and maintaining the social media presence for the Libertarian Party of Nevada, managing relationships with all media and press and communicating with the Libertarian Party of Nevada members.


Communications Division general responsibilities:

  • Public Relations. The Communications Division is responsible for all aspects of the Libertarian Party of Nevada's public relations including, but not limited to; messaging, media relations and membership communications.
  • Website Content, Blog & Newsletter. Draft engaging language for all pages on the official website The Communications Division manages the Libertarian Party of Nevada Blog and Newsletter.
  • Social Media Presence & Management. The Communications Division is responsible for maintaining and building a strong social media presence. This also includes targeting new demographics with the intent to build our social media reach/following and increasing our audience.
  • Media & Press. Maintain a database of all media outlets in Nevada as well as key national media outlets.

Communications Division Committees:

  • Communications Committee. General committee for the Communications Division which includes messaging, communications and public relations.
  • Social Media Committee. Responsible for maintaining and building a strong social media presence and strategy to increase the social media reach/following of our audience.
  • Issues & Platform Committee. Will identify Libertarian positions on current issues and develop the platform for the Libertarian Party of Nevada.
  • Media and Press Committee. Maintain a database of all media outlets and key journalist throughout Nevada as well as key national media outlets. Maintain relationships with key journalists.

Join the Communications Division Team

There are several positions that need to be filled, and there are multiple opportunities to get involved with the Communications Division. If you are interested in getting involved or if you would like to learn more, Contact Us today or click on the button below to fill out the form to Apply for a Leadership Position.

Below is a brief job description for each position, view the full description, Accountabilities and Qualifications on the Communications Division page.  

Communications Director

Job Description: The Communications Director manages and oversees the Communications Division. Responsible for planning, development and implementation of all of the Libertarian Party of Nevada's marketing communications both external and internal. Oversees development and implementation of support materials and services in the area of communications. Directs the efforts of the marketing, communications and public relations staff and coordinates at the strategic and tactical levels with the other functions of the Organization.

Assistant Communications Director

Job Description: Responsible for the assistance of the Communications Director in all aspects of the position. Assists with the direction and implementation of information dissemination to applicable departments within the organization including, but not limited to, Marketing, Outreach, and Volunteers.

Public Relations Director

Job Description: The Public Relations (PR) Director is responsible for cultivating and maintaining positive media coverage for the Libertarian Party of Nevada. The director will be responsible for working with all members of the communications and marketing departments in order to execute the overall public relations and analyst relations strategy. The PR Director will be a key information source for all media contacts requesting data and insights, and will manage the development, implementation, and coordination of internal and external public relations strategies.

Press Secretary

Job Description: The Press Secretary is to serve as the main liaison between the Libertarian Party of Nevada and all media outlets. The Press Secretary will also handle general public inquiries not relating to volunteering with respect to the party. Responsible for informing the public about the activities and accomplishments of the State Party in all forms excluding those roles specifically delegated to other individuals in the Party.

Blog & Newsletter Editor

Job Description: The Blog/Newsletter Editor is responsible for the maintenance and updating of the State Party's blog and monthly newsletter. Shall also oversee the electronic publishing and distribution of information and messaging.

Associate Editor(s)

Job Description: Associate Editors support the Blog and Newsletter Editor. Associate Editor(s) are responsible for creating, reviewing, correcting, condensing, or adding content to written materials. In addition, Associate Editors communicate with the internal organization to release applicable news to members and the public.

Contributors / Writers for the Blog & Newsletter

Job Description: A Contributor is a writer/blogger who is responsible for writing engaging and dynamic content from the political spectrum for regular blog postings and the monthly newsletter. Most content should be based in news and opinion/analytical writing with a focus on local Nevada politics.

Social Media Director

Job Description: The Social Media Director develops and executes the Libertarian Party of Nevada social media strategy and recruits members for the Social Media Army.

Social Media Army

Job Description: The Social Media Army executes the Libertarian Party of Nevada social media strategy.

Art Director

Job Description: The Art Director is responsible for developing/assisting in the development of vision/concepts, marketing projects, and initiatives and branding for the Libertarian Party of Nevada. Provides creative leadership in the development of compelling creative concepts that meet the strategic objectives and goals of the Libertarian Party of Nevada.

Graphic Designer(s)

Job Description: Graphic Designers produce and design all literature as well as images and graphics used by the Libertarian Party of Nevada.


Click here to Apply Now or learn more about the Communications Division.



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