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Brett H. Pojunis

Brett H. Pojunis

Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Nevada

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Political Bio

Brett H. Pojunis is the Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Nevada and previously served as their Secretary.

Mr. Pojunis is one of the leaders in the Libertarian Party and served two terms on the Libertarian National Committee. Mr. Pojunis serves on the Information Technology Committee as well as the Audit Committee...

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May 12, 2014

Former Assistant Sheriff Ted Moody
Ted Moody for Sheriff
438 East Sahara Avenue
Las Vegas, NV 89104

Dear Mr. Moody:

On behalf of our members, I am honored to inform you the Libertarian Party of Nevada officially endorses your candidacy for 2014 Clark County Sheriff.

Dear Libertarians and Friends of Liberty,

It's time to assemble Team Liberty and take Nevada back! Over the last decade we saw what happens when we sit back and don't get involved; Politicians drive Nevada further in debt, they impose more regulations and take away our freedoms.

If you don't help grow the Libertarian Party, you have no voice and you don't matter. And we are just as ignorant as the Democrats and Republicans say we are as they take away our freedoms, trample on our Civil Liberties and steal every dollar out of our pocket saying "thank you please!"

It's up to YOU to tell the politicians enough!

It's up to YOU and me and the Libertarian Party to stand up and fight for Nevada!

The Libertarian Party of Nevada is dependent on members like you to get involved and contribute to the Party's growth. The more members we have, the more activities we can do and faster we will grow! The Leadership has set out a 2 year game plan and in order to execute effectively we need to have the financial resources to do so.

Please review the membership levels below and support the Libertarian Party of Nevada by selecting the best membership level for you!

Starting with this issue, LPNevada will begin highlighting a different Division within our growing organization. The first Division we are featuring is the Communications Division.

The Communications Division shall be responsible for communicating the policies, positions, and opinions of the Libertarian Party of Nevada to the public at large. This responsibility shall include maintaining the content of the Libertarian Party of Nevada web site www.lpnevada.org, establishing and maintaining the social media presence for the Libertarian Party of Nevada, managing relationships with all media and press and communicating with the Libertarian Party of Nevada members.

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