The LIbertarian Party of Nevada operates through the Divisions listed below. Please visit each Division page for more information about each Division and view the leadership roles.


Political Division

The Political Division shall be responsible for recruiting and training Libertarian candidates for public office. This shall include working with volunteers and maintaining a list of all elected and appointed offices. The Political Division shall provide support to Candidates such as assistance with filing the proper paperwork and assisting campaign strategy. The Political Division will support the Libertarian Party Presidential nominees. 

Visit the Political Division page for more information. 


Communications Division

The Communications Division shall be responsible for communicating the policies, positions, and opinions of the Libertarian Party of Nevada to the public at large. This responsibility shall include maintaining the content of the Libertarian Party of Nevada web site www.lpnevada.org, establishing and maintaining the social media presence for the Libertarian Party of Nevada, managing relationships with all media and press and communicating with the Libertarian Party of Nevada members.

Visit the Communications Division page for more information.


Events Division

The Events Division is responsible for planning and implementing statewide events such as the Libertarian Party of Nevada state convention, monthly social events and organizing political events. The Events Division will identify and work with conventions, conferences and events throughout Nevada. Additionally, the Events Division will assist in training and supporting county Libertarian parties on successful event planning techniques and strategies.

Visit the Events Division page for more information.


Public Policy Division (PPIA)

The Public Policy Influence & Advocacy (PPIA) Division shall be responsible for developing and maintaining interactions between the Libertarian Party of Nevada and elected government officials, as well as tracking the results of interactions to help shape candidacy strategy. The PPIA Division shall also be responsible for ensuring that the Libertarian Party input is provided for key legislation and initiatives when and where possible.

Visit the Public Policy Division page for more information.


Volunteer Division

The Volunteer Division shall work closely with the Outreach Division to enable individuals activated by the Outreach Division to aid and assist the organization in a meaningful capacity. This work shall include recruiting individuals as volunteers for the organization, applying their talents and time toward organization-backed campaigns, and responding to grassroots-level inquiries acquired from volunteer interactions.

Visit the Volunteer Division page for more information.


Administration Division

The Administration Division shall be responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Libertarian Party of Nevada. These operations shall include training and support, record keeping, maintaining policies and procedures, and legal support for the Libertarian Party of Nevada.

Visit the Administration Division page for more information.


IT Division

The Informational Technology (IT) division is responsible for implementing all aspects of technology within the Libertarian Party of Nevada.

Visit the IT Division page for more information.


Outreach Division

The Outreach Division shall be responsible for grassroots-level contact between the Libertarian Party of Nevada and the public at large. These responsibilities shall include maintaining useful contacts and coordination with student organizations, recruiting key demographics into the Libertarian Party, developing contacts with other grassroots-level organizations, and establishing granular, precinct-level groups for the Party. The Outreach Division will organize grass-root events such as attending City Council meetings and gathering signatures for petitions.

Visit the Outreach Division page for more information.


Field Development Division

The Field Development Division shall be responsible for establishing, developing, and maintaining county-level affiliates, which shall mirror and augment existing Libertarian Party of Nevada Divisions at the county level. This shall include identifying eligible counties with sufficient critical mass of dues-paying members to establish an affiliate, training counties on best-of-breed Libertarian Party of Nevada division management techniques, and providing necessary logistical support.

Visit the Field Development Division page for more information.


Executive Committee 

The Executive Committee is responsible for crafting and communicating the strategic direction of the organization and ensuring that the direction is properly documented and communicated through the other divisions of the organization. The Executive Committee is not be responsible for implementing the tactical implementation of the strategic direction; this responsibility is assigned to the aforementioned divisions in this organizational chart.

Visit the Executive Committe page to view the Leaders of the Libertarian Party of Nevada.

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