2018 Voter Guide

Announcing the 2018 Voter Guide!

The Libertarian Party of Nevada is committed to providing you, our members, with value-added services like the above Voter Guide. Since Libertarians can't run in every election every cycle, your leadership team and endorsement committee took the time to interview and research as many candidates as resources and time allowed from the "other" parties. We know you will find this guide helpful in securing our personal liberties and economic freedoms for a freer, more prosperous Nevada.

Thank you for your continued support of the Party. Click here or on the image above to download the 2018 Libertarian Party of Nevada Voter Guide. Please share this with your friends and family - and if you find it especially helpful, please donate securely by clicking here.

From the Chairman

Dear Libertarian Voters,

I want to thank you for taking the time to engage in the political discussion. At our State Convention in 2013, we affirmed our role as a political party: “To elect Libertarians to political office and to work to move legislation in a
libertarian direction.”

One of the first resolutions passed unanimously was to work with anyone from any party on issues we agree upon and to oppose anyone working on any issue that we oppose. The 2018 Libertarian Party of Nevada Voter Guide is the result of all the years since, including our experiences in the Legislature and our work on the campaign trail.

Your Libertarian Party of Nevada succeeded in affecting the legislative front by removing a Nevada Revised Statute that created unneeded and wasteful government and by working to amend pending bills to reflect a more libertarian position. We have seen our party exceed 1% of registered voters -- the fourth state LP to accomplish this -- and we have grown continuously over the past year and a half.

It is because we are able and willing to work with anyone who aligns with us that we made an adjustment to our grading scale for this Voter Guide. If a Libertarian was nominated and is on the ballot, we did not interview and rate the other candidates running. We see no reason to show who shouldn’t be elected to office.

For all other candidates running in a partisan race where the LP has no candidate, we rated them from 1 to 5 “stars.” In the past, this has been guided by ideology; however, we found that many times we were rating candidates who may have good fiscal policies but lack social awareness or “libertarian” social positions or vice versa. We do not want to prioritize one of these over the other. We also found that some candidates that rated poorly on ideology were surprisingly accessible and amenable towards working with us in the Legislature, while others with higher ideological scores took our support for granted. So, for this Voter Guide, we rated accordingly: 

1 Star: This candidate is either dangerous, crazy, or utterly unqualified to serve in public office. This candidate may also pose an actionable threat to freedom and liberty everywhere, or we know from experience that they cannot be trusted. 

2 Star: We think this candidate will do more harm than good. They are actively opposed to many parts of our agenda or are so incompetent that we believe their support for our agenda undermines our cause. This candidate either will not work with us or their assistance would be counterproductive. 

3 Star: This candidate is an average politician that we agree with half the time and disagree with the other half. They are  consistently good on some issues and consistently bad on others. We can, in some way, work with this candidate if they are elected. 

4 Star: This candidate is reliably friendly to Libertarian causes. They do not always support us, but generally do, and reliably take our views and opinions into account. 

5 Star: This candidate is an actual Libertarian, or as close as we can get to one who is not running on a Libertarian ticket.

Some candidates did not respond to our interview request, Those candidates are represented in this voter guide by their public comments, website “issues” pages, past votes, and other means of finding out what their positions are. It should also be noted that one political party, the IAP/Constitution Party in Nevada, initially responded to our interview invitation. However, after their first interview, the party directed all other candidates to back out or simply not show up due to the content of the questions asked.

I want to thank Paymon’s Restaurant for hosting our interviews. We have used Paymon’s many times for social events and these interviews and each time we receive wonderful feedback from attendees who enjoy the food, the atmosphere and the wonderful service. I want to thank all of the candidates who did respond and/or took part in our interview process. It was an opportunity to meet and to engage in civil discourse with future leaders and representatives in our state. Regardless of ideology, we want to emphasize our willingness to work together to make Nevada a better place. We have the utmost respect for those who choose to reach out, instead of close off, the exchange of ideas. It is with that in mind that I present the Libertarian Party of Nevada 2018 Voter Guide.

In Liberty,


Jason Smith
Libertarian Party of Nevada