2014 Libertarian Voter Guide


Download and/or View the Voter Guide Here

This year we made a lot of progress providing an important service to our membership (and Nevada voters) to ensure you are informed this election cycle. The Libertarian Party of Nevada (LPNevada) leadership and the Endorsement Committee accomplished this by meeting, interviewing, speaking with and researching as many candidates as resources and time allowed.

The main goals of our 2014 Libertarian Voter Guide were to determine which candidates were most aligned with Libertarian ideals and principles, their willingness to work with us, and who had the courage to participate at our events. Each year we want to improve on our voter guide and our goal will be to publish a complete guide throughout Nevada.


Full 2014 Libertarian Voter Guide

The Libertarian Party of Nevada is proud to publish our 2014 Libertarian Voter Guide.

Please click here or click on the cover to view and download the full voter guide.


Online 2014 Libertarian Voter Guide

In a partnership with PollVault, we have a fully functioning interactive online version which you can view here: www.PollVault.com/lpnevada.

You can also click on PollVault's logo below to view LPNevada's ballot: